Family or a couple photoshoot giveaway

Hello Guys !

Nice you are here.

As you can see I am giving away FREE  family or a couple photoshoots in a variety of locations in our area.

Yes, I know that it sounds unreal but Since the lockdown, we all had a hard time. We were worried about our lives and loved ones. What’s worse, we were disconnected from the world and our close ones like never before.

With the last Government restrictions, most of the weddings had been canceled. It’s sad because I love to photograph beautiful moments in people’s lives. However, having more free time I have decided to focus more on family sessions or engagement photoshoots.

I’m looking to expand my portfolio with kids and families. I’m after families that don’t mind getting a little dirty and would love some cool family photos. The plan is to capture you guys being your fun-loving selves hanging out together. Nothing posed, just fun natural, candid family photography.

Lifestyle Family Photography in Andover
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Cinematic Lifestyle Family Films

I am working on my new family website. And I would like to expand my lifestyle family portfolio and try to film a cinematic family film as well to find out whether is something I will like or not. So some of you may also get a nice video from your session. ( however, I can’t guarantee this )

That short video is going to be around 2-3 minutes with nice cinematic music. ( this video is a great way for me to practice hybrid shooting as nowadays many wedding couples would like to have highlight video from the Wedding day ).

Here is the kind of video I talking about. 😉

Right Location for Your Photo Session

For family and engagment sessions we meet at one of the incredible locations our beautiful England has to offer,

 Let's choose the best locations for our photoshoot

I would like to photograph in different places. To expand my portfolio. And boost my website with SEO. I have lots of ideas however, some of them require traveling. I personally like to travel and if you want I can pick you up 🙂

What’s more, I am also open to any of your suggestions. I know you guys that you know lots of hidden gems around us. So please share with me!

For example:

  • New Forest, Woodland
  • Bournemouth Beach, Dourdle Door, Isle of Portland (lighthouse, quarry etc)
  • Old Towns & Villages of Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, and area
  • local park and lakes

Location uai
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Whan these sessions can take place?

At this moment I will be doing a waiting list. I would like to know how many of you will be interested in it.

Let’s hope the spring will come very soon and we can start enjoying great weather. What more I would like to expand my portfolio by taking indoor lifestyle family sessions, too.

Be in mind that the best time for photography is at sunrise or one hour before sunset. (I want these golden hours look), of course, if the weather is cloudy, the session may take place earlier. You can check sunset time here. I will provide you with a family/engagement guide so we can get the best out of this session.

For more information, I encourage you to Like my Facebook Page. I will start putting more information there.

So let’s fill-up the form below if you want to be considered for a free family photoshoot . 

Hope to see you soon!

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    Terms and Conditions

    • The photoshoot will be arranged at a date convenient for both the family/couples and Krystian Photography.
    • The family/couple agree that the photos taken may be used by Krystian Photography for promotional purposes
    • Krystian Photography reserves the right to select the winning entries.