What is a lifestyle family photoshoot at home

I’ve been asked this question many times – “what is a lifestyle indoor family photoshoot?” A lifestyle session is all about capturing those moments, memories, and meaningful connections that make your family who they are. It’s about documenting moments in their life-story that are meaningful to them.

Do your family photos suck? Do you feel like you can’t tell if the photographer took a good picture of you or not because it all looks the same, and is so boring? Are you ready for your family to look their best and make their indoor photos stunning next time a big family gathering comes around? If you’re looking for an upgrade of your family photos, then make sure you know why lifestyle indoor family photoshoots are the best option.

Lifestyle family photographer. Photoshoot at home
Lifestyle family photographer. Photoshoot at home

Why Your Family Photos Might Be Worth More Than You Think

Why do I think you should consider having your family photos taken at home?

Well, it’s actually quite simple…

Having your family photos taken at home doesn’t sound like an earth-shattering idea, but did you know it’s something that most people don’t consider when searching for a family photographer? You see, most people just want to find a cute baby they think they’re going to fall in love with, and head on over to the nearest photography studio. But simply photographing cute babies is not enough – the best way for you to capture a lasting memory that brings tears of joy to your future eyes is by having your family photos taken at home.

I love photographing families because taking pictures at home allows me to connect with family. A photography session at home not only gives you all the much-needed photographs to display on the walls of your home. It forces you to enjoy each other’s company. Just think, a few hours away from screens, the monotony of, the washing, cooking, and cleaning.

But, this isn’t just a photoshoot. In years to come, you will be glad you decided to create your family art with me. I don’t create family portraits simply to be stuck on your Computer and forgotten about. I want to give you more images that you’ll want to display on every wall in your home and keep them for the future generation.

Lifestyle family photographer. Photoshoot at home 6 uai
Lifestyle family photographer. Photoshoot at home 4 uai

Do you know family photoshoot at home is a new trend?

Family photography is a popular trend that has quickly gotten to people’s hearts. The idea of getting all the family members together, taking nice pictures and presenting them isn’t something new. It’s been done for ages as well. But over the last decade, it has seen an incredible increase in popularity, with many families choosing to hire photographers instead of doing it themselves. And there are plenty of excellent reasons why this shift happened. So, if you ask me, family photography at home is a great way to get nicer photos, without spending too much money or making a lot of fuss about it, while still getting the benefits of a professional shoot.

The benefits of doing a photoshoot at home

Let’s be real.

Life is hard, and the world can be an extremely stressful place. You deserve a break.

So how about a home photoshoot? It’s essentially the same as a regular photoshoot, except you get to relax at home. Picture this: it’s a fresh Saturday morning, and your favorite song comes on—just as you’re pulling your hair into that perfect top knot. You’re wearing your favorite outfit, and you’re standing in front of the most beautiful backdrop in the world: your own home. And you’ve got complete privacy! The kids are playing outside, grandma is downstairs working on her new recipe for homemade dog treats, and your cat is napping peacefully nearby (because who knows where he is when the photographer shows up…). It’s just you, the photographer, and two hours to do whatever you want—and it’s all so relaxing!

Here's How We Prepared For A Family Photo Shoot At Home 

All of my in-home family photography sessions include access to my before-session questionnaire, which allows me to get to know your family.

  • You will receive my family photo guide with all information about the family photoshoot with me. (guide what to wear )
  • Pinterest boards which show you mood board and give you some ideas.


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At the end of the day, I want to do nothing less than create images of your family that you will treasure for generations but please understand I will need your help throughout this whole journey.

So let’s do this!

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