A Family Photo Shoot in The Bluebells in Hampshire

An outdoor Family Photo Shoot in the Bluebells

Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely family in Micheldever Woods, a stunning natural area located near Winchester, Hampshire. The bluebells were in full bloom, creating a dreamy and enchanting atmosphere for the outdoor family photo shoot. The forest was alive with the sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling, and the sunlight filtered through the trees, casting a warm and inviting glow on the family. I felt incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to capture this beautiful moment for them in such a picturesque location. Micheldever Woods truly is a hidden gem in the heart of Hampshire, and it was the perfect setting for this unforgettable family photo shoot.

The Bluebells in Micheldever Woods, Hampshire.

The woodlands are a wonderful place to spend time with your family. Not only are they full of joy, but they’re also full of magic and wonder—a place that your family will love to go back to, even years from now when your children have grown up and you can reminisce about the good old days.
So it was no surprise when this family contacted me about doing a lifestyle photoshoot in the woods with bluebells. They wanted not only a few family portraits but most of all their lifestyle family photoshoot. I was so excited about this session!

Micheldever Woods is a great place for your family.

On the evening of the session, we met outside the Micheldover car park where we would meet before shooting. The weather was perfect, and the sun was shining through the trees. I could tell from their clothes that everyone was dressed for comfort and ready to have fun! We started off by taking photos of them together as a family—they were laughing and having a great time! Then we went on an adventure to take more individual photos.
It’s always such a privilege to be invited into someone’s life, even if it’s just for an hour or two at a time. The Serafin family will always be one of my favorites because they were so kind and welcoming right away. 🙂

I hope these photographs from their session bring a smile to your face, too. Happy viewing!
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