Outdoor Family Photoshoot at the River Avon in Amesbury

Lifestyle Outdoor Family Photoshoot: River Avon in Amesbury


This time is a short part of our everyday day. As a wedding photographer with a documentary approach, I wanted to capture real, happy, fun photos of my family being simply themselves.

Days pass in the blink of an eye. Years blur together. My wife and I are getting elder and our son is growing up too quickly – he is changing right before our eyes. It’s so easy to forget the little things. Whilst portraits present beautiful photographs, these kinds of photographs deliver the raw, yet fabulously beautiful truth of EveryDay life.

We have lots of interesting places that we really enjoy in our daily lives. One of them is the path around the River Avon. We often take our dog for a walk there. We really enjoy a stroll along the River Avon on this peaceful waterside walk in Amesbury. You can choose from several numerous routes starting from the car park of the town center or you can then pick up public footpaths along the river towards Normanton. There are many routes for hiking, cycling paths, and even designated routes for horses.



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