Lifestyle family session in Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury


This family photo session took place at Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury. The family wanted the outdoor photoshoot in a scenic location.

One of the things I love about being a photographer is creating stories and documents! Especially when it comes to family sessions. Seriously, I love taking pictures of families and the little ones. They are just awesome! You never know what to expect from them in a positive way. Children are wonderful and not predictable and this is the challenge I like the most. As photographers we should let them do the things they love to do, it turns out just priceless.

These adorable brothers were just like that. They brought their whole family along for a ride, but I’m pretty sure the goal was to make sure, that the moments with them were captured to be treasured forever. I loved how they interacted so lovingly with each other and how their sweet smiles just sparkled in the beautiful light. That made this natural light photographer squeal with joy. Come on in and take a look at the glorious light and nature we had to share this session, with and show this family some love.

All in all, this was another lovely shoot in Queen Elizabeth Gardens. One of Salisbury’s most known and celebrated parks.

Have a fabulous day.