Natural Newborn photography session. Lifestyle Newborn session Andover by Krystian Graca Photography

Indoor Lifestyle Newborn session in Andover

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Andover

Hello there!
Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph my close friends. Magda and Bogdan invited me to their apartment in Andover.
We had only one plan – to take a few shots of the newborn lifestyle sessions with little Alan, their parents, and his siblings.
I especially appreciate lifestyle newborn photo sessions indoors. There is nowhere to recreate such a wonderful family atmosphere of intimacy than in the family’s own four corners. And what I like the most, is you don’t need a big house. All you need is a sofa in a small living room and a loving family. Pictures at home don’t have to be boring, they can be full of emotions and joy.

It’s equally important to take pictures of the whole family. These pictures will be invaluable in the future.

There was even a moment for photos of older siblings with brother Alan. And for pictures of the whole family. I know that some of the parents don’t want to be in the picture ( especially fathers). But I always encourage them to do it. Young parents shouldn’t forget about themselves. Therefore, whenever I have an opportunity, I encourage my family to take several such frames.
I don’t think I have had such an efficient session with the baby yet. Alan was so calm, cheerful, and patient 😀 We didn’t need any breaks, apart from the one for feeding, which is a must for any family session with babies. What’s more, Alan was only 15 days old on the day of taking pictures and it was his first time in front of the camera.

A newborn session doesn’t have to be done in the studio.

As you can see newborn photography doesn’t have to be done in the studio. We can do it in your own home environment. And that’s why I want to share some great reasons to plan your photo session at your home. You can find more reasons on my blog post here! : ” 5 reasons why the newborn session should take place at home and not in the studio “
 If you like this kind of photograph you can contact me here.
Here you’ll find a selection of my favorite images from this family lifestyle session.
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