Lifestyle family photoshoot in the New Forest

The New Forest is a beautiful place to go for a photoshoot. There are so many cool spots to shoot in and around the forest, it’s hard to know where to start! We’re here today with a family of three who are looking for some fun new pictures of themselves together.

We got to the place in a shared car – unfortunately bad luck meant that the road was closed and we had only 30 minutes before it got completely dark.
As soon as we parked our car we walked into the woods and started shooting. We found a stream of fallen trees and ferns with an old bridge over it, which made for some great backdrops for our photos. Leo was really excited about seeing all these new sights and running around playing hide-and-seek from his parents.

Stunning, Natural & Fun New Forest Family Photography.

We got some great shots of the family playing together on top of one of the fallen trees and looking out across at other parts of the forest. It’s amazing how much you can see from up there!

Afterward we headed back down to where we parked our car so that everyone could get changed into something more comfortable before heading home again.

Are you a family, looking for a location with plenty of cool places to shoot? Look no further! New Forest is a great place to visit.